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Generating The Faults

The structure of the Fault class is very simple. The constructor of the Fault class creates a linked list structure of the fault actions. The input translator converts the fault actions represented as a process in the input text file to a lined list of actions in the Fault class. Then, the synthesis framework uses these fault actions to generate the reachability graph.
       numbers=left,numbersep=3pt, fontsize=\footnotesize,
public class Fault \{ 
LinkedList actions; 
public Fault()   \{ 
	 actions = new LinkedList(); 
        .  .  .
 Stack explore( State s, Hashtable states) \{ 
	 Stack ns = new Stack();
	 ListIterator i = actions.listIterator(0);
	 while( i.hasNext() )  \{
	 	.  .  .
	 	 return ns; 
 public void print()  \{   	 \}

Ali Ebnenasir