Graduate Research Assistantship Available!

I am currently looking for a Graduate Research Assistant interested in working on automated analysis of dependable distributed systems towards her/his PhD degree. The focus of the work will be on both theoretical aspects and software engineering aspects of automated design of dependable complex systems. The prospective student is required to have a solid background in

Interested candidate should have a master's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a closely related field. Candidates who have a B.Sc. degree in Mathematics are encouraged to contact me as well. Moreover, the knowledge of working with automated reasoning tools (e.g., model checkers, theorem provers, SAT solvers, etc.) is advantageous, but is not necessary at the beginning. You should be comfortable to perform analytical and programming tasks in a timely manner. International candidates must be fluent in English as well. Interested candidates are welcome to send me the following material at aebnenas at

  1. A single-page Statement of Interest illustrating what your research interest is, what you have done so far, and what your  future plans are,
  2. your curriculum vitae/resume,
  3. a copy of your B.S. or M.S. transcripts,
  4. a description of any software/hardware projects you have been involved in (if any), and
  5. sample publications (if any).

If you are currently a student at MTU, you are welcome to stop by my office (206 Rekhi Hall) and talk to me about the open  research problems and your interest. Please contact me via email to arrange for a meeting.


Note:  Please be advised that you will have to officially apply for your graduate studies at MTU and all admission decisions are made by the University and the Department of Computer Science. Your timely application may increase your chance of admission. Here is a link to the admission procedure, requirements, and deadlines:

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